KFC Survey USA

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) strives to provide exceptional food and service to every customer.

To continually improve operations and exceed diner expectations, KFC offers a short customer satisfaction survey for US patrons to provide feedback on their restaurant experience.

Dubbed the “KFC Survey,” it is conveniently accessed online at the mykfcexperience.com portal. With a recent receipt displaying a printed survey code.

KFC guests can quickly share ratings, reviews, complaints or compliments regarding their last restaurant visit.

Topics touched on in the survey include overall KFC dining experience satisfaction.

The specific factors like food quality, service quality, restaurant cleanliness and atmosphere.

Participants also note which menu items they purchased, from new offerings like popcorn chicken or chicken tenders to KFC mainstays like the Famous Bowl or bucket of fried chicken.

In exchange for five to ten minutes of candid customer feedback, KFC survey takers gain coupon codes for free food offers and entries into the KFC Survey Sweepstakes for high-value restaurant prizes.

The quick online customer satisfaction questionnaire not only helps KFC track service and quality trends on an ongoing basis.

Supplies immediate customer benefits through validation codes for special savings on future meal purchases.

Beyond post-visit receipt questionnaires, KFC listens to diners in real time across the brand’s mobile app and social media profiles.

But the proprietary KFC Survey remains the most direct, rewarding channel for customers to anonymously voice their KFC customer opinion.

Supplying honest restaurant survey responses supports better operations and positive changes inside KFCs across the nation.

As a loyal Kentucky Fried Chicken patron, your constructive feedback holds power. By candidly sharing your recent visit impressions, you directly impact local KFC menu offerings, quality checks, and customer satisfaction initiatives. It only takes 5 minutes and your receipt to transform each future restaurant experience for the better, all while earning exclusive discounts.

Mykfcexperience Survey guide on www.mykfcexperience.com

Step 1: Locate Your 16-Digit Survey Code

Within your most recent KFC receipt lies a printed, one-time-use survey code under the header “Take Our Survey” or “Opinion Survey.” This validating code grants access to the MyKFCExperience online questionnaire and will expire 30 days after your purchase date.

Step 2: Visit mykfcexperience.com

The official KFC customer satisfaction site greets you with clear navigation to begin sharing your experience. Click “Start Survey” then carefully enter both the 16-digit code and date of your qualifying store visit when prompted before proceeding.

Step 3: Provide Candid Ratings & Feedback

Now, candidly rate and review aspects of your visit like store cleanliness, accuracy of orders, quality of food & service, amenities available and overall experience. Elaborate with written commentary emphasizing areas for praise or improvement to maximize positive impact.

Step 4: Complete Questions & Submit Responses

Address all questionnaire sections thoughtfully before selecting “Submit” to record your anonymous survey responses with the KFC corporate team for review and action. Feel confident your voice will better operations.

Step 5: Receive Exclusive Discounts

As thanks, you’ll receive a validation code for money saving KFC coupons like free items or meal upgrades to redeem during return visits. Check the bottom or side of your receipt.

When you openly share impressions from each visit via the MyKFCExperience online platform, KFC demonstrates active commitment toward enhancing their brand, locations and customer satisfaction nationwide. Check back monthly for specialty coupon codes sent to your email too!


In conclusion, the MyKFCExperience online customer satisfaction survey allows Kentucky Fried Chicken patrons in the United States.

By entering the 16-digit code from their receipt at mykfcexperience.com within 30 days of purchase, recent guests can rate areas like service quality.

The also share experiences about food freshness and accuracy, cleanliness, atmosphere and their overall satisfaction.

The short fast food survey also allows customers to review menu items like popcorn chicken or new offerings only at their location to inform franchise improvements.

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